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E-mail marketing,part of Digital Marketing, has been around for many years and popular in the modern digital era. A beautifully designed email marketing campaign, is sure to entice readers.If the email is highly targeting one can get some quick leads from it. According to last year's reports, based on promotional email among 44% of receipent at least one purchase was made.Through email marketing, a company can introduce it's new products and services to it's target audience.Email marketing helps you to be in touch with your prospects and customers, keeping them updated time to time with your latest offers and promotions.It is a cost effective method. Being a leading email marketing company in Kolkata, we believe that email marketing is not only about sending emails. A lot of factors need to be taken care of. We help you to get through all these factors in a authentic way to make sure the success of your email campaign.

Why DgMSEO is the best email marketing company in Kolkata?

  • We help our clients to create email campaigns that will have better conversion.

  • We help our clients to design a responsive email campaign that will be at par with all the email marketing service provider.

  • We help you create a perfect mail copy in proper, lucid language that will entice the readers.

So if you are looking for a digital marketing partner in Kolkata, then be in touch with us, so that we can help you out to structure the campaign for you.

How We Work

  • We help you to design the attractive and responsive email campaigns based on your target audience.
  • We design your email template based on the goal of your email campaign, responsiveness, business type and interest of your target audience.
  • Our content development team ensures that the email is drafted with easy words so that the mail is understandable by the recipients and they take quick action.
  • We shall guide you to track and monitor the performance of the email marketing campaign - and calculate the Return On Investment.
  • We use the services of renowned service providers like MailChimp and Constant Contact to get the job done.
  • If you have a small or medium scale business, or even a startup we are here to help you out with a structured email marketing campaign that will boost your business.
Want to know DgMSEO Digital Marketing Packages ?

If you are interested in our digital marketing/seo services then you can connect us , we will get back to you soon.

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We, DgMSEO, the premier digital marketing company in India is among the best internet marketing service providers worldwide. Our 360° digital marketing services will establish the online presence of your brand, thus creating its world-wide awareness.

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