Our Facebook campaigns have success rate of 90%

Social Media Marketing designed through DgMSEO is directly for your target audiences which creates high impact on them and your marketing goal succeeds. We design various graphic posts, videos, links, presentations, articles, stories which is to be delivered to your target customers in a catchy way. This builds a strong brand recall among your customers.

Social Media Marketing has immerged as the most reliable traffic source to your website. Social media platforms engaging target audience maximize branding, conveys the brand message to acquire new customers and drive huge sales without spending much on advertising and marketing.

DgMSEO, accelerates Social Media activities by promoting brand messages through posts, images, videos, links, articles, short stories & news via multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc. 

Our social media services are meant for social media optimization, social advertising, social campaign tracking that creates real time interaction between the companies and customers. It acts as the best channel to share new product launches, seasonal discount offers, company news and other promotional activities. Companies seek user satisfactory level about a brand or product, resolve their queries, after sales problems, encourage users to buy new products and enhance future service strategies through valuable reviews and feedbacks.

DgMSEO Best Social Marketting in Kolkata

Companies allot much of its budget for promotion and marketing of its different brands. Gone were the days of spending huge budgets on Newspaper and Television Ads.  Now the boon of reaching public using social media platforms can be harnessed to reach prospective customers, gain business and earn profit spending only a fraction of your earlier budget. In today’s world, your business needs assistance of social media marketing to increase reach and enhance engagement of the brand.  DgMSEO, the best social media marketing company in Kolkata, is at your service to to promote your products or services through various social media marketing channels. We at DgMSEO, thesocial media marketing company in Kolkata, helps you with following Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services :



Why To Approach DgMSEO, as your Social Media Partner?

  • We create visually impressive graphics pairing it with unique copy writing techniques to seek more attention to your posts.
  • We create advertisements targeted particularly to your desired clients, which in turn can give you better ROI
  • We offer various SMM packages that suits your needs and fits your budget.
  • We help you to gain better rank in SERP through SEO, being the best SEO Company in Kolkata.
  • Bridge the gap between the potential partner and you.
  • Promote your brand through various social media channels, that help it in creating brand awareness.

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